15 Sep

Tea is a type of beverage prepared from the dried leaves of the tea plant. The tea plant is grown in various parts of the world. The plant requires a cool and wet type of climate. The origin of tea plant is traced to The Asian continent. Tea is among the most consumed beverages in the whole world. The tea plant is of different types. These types vary slightly according to the areas they are grown following their unique climates. The preparation of tea also varies widely. Different communities prepare tea using different but similar techniques.

The basic mode of Kettl kamairicha tea preparation is by pouring hot water over the dried leaves of the tea plant. There are various reasons why tea is the most taken beverage in the whole world after water. The widespread of tea consumption is mainly attributed to the benefits of this tea to our bodies. Most of the benefits of tea are medicinal and therefore benefits our health. Traditionally in some communities, tea was used in celebrations by people that saw themselves as high-class people. Therefore, the status of tea was elevated, and hence its consumption was left to a few in the society.

One of the major benefits of tea from kettl.co is that it contains antioxidants. These antioxidants are important to us since they help us to keep ourselves young and also to prevent damage from pollution. The percentage of caffeine in tea is also low as compared to that of coffee. There are still some herbal blends of tea that do not contain any caffeine in them. This is significant since it helps us to avoid the adverse effects of too much caffeine in our drinks.

The other advantage of using tea is that it helps a person to reduce the chances of them getting a heart attack and stroke. This benefit has a strong scientific backup. Tea reduces the levels of the LDL cholesterol in the blood of a person hence reducing the chances of heart attacks. Additionally, tea helps to protect the bones. Tea has a unique property that is effective in the prevention of bone loss in humans. Similarly, tea has another health benefit of helping a patient in the battle against cancer.

Finally, tea can also be used to assist with the weight loss. However, the best results for this is felt when the tea is ingested in pill form. The use of tea to reduce weight is widely used in Africa. These are a few examples of the health benefits of tea. For more facts about tea, visit this website at http://tea.wikia.com/wiki/WikiTea.

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