15 Sep

Choosing the right kind of tea for you can be as complex as the process of choosing the right kind of wine or food. It is very important to consider the various notes and the character which is attached to it.

For you to choose the right variant of tea, you should be an expert on this subject. You could simply follow these basic tips to find the right choice:

Tea Color and Appearance

The first point of the interaction on your tea would be the kamairicha tea which is served. Various variants will let out various color notes to a liquor, which will depend on the oxidation process which it has gone through during its manufacturing procedures. For tea, the lighter color is associated on a lesser fermented non-oxidized tea and dark colors denotes fermented, oxidized teas.

Tea Aroma

Aroma is another crucial consideration on your cup of tea. Just like any other food and beverage, aroma of the tea will precede the taste and will develop a like or a dislike to it. The aroma in a tea will range from the very soft to the very strong. The stronger aroma in a gyokuro tea helps you to refresh and make you feel alive by overpowering on your thoughts on its aroma. Softer aromas will not disturb your senses and will let you unwind and be with your own thoughts, which then creates a positive calm atmosphere.

Tea Strength

There are some teas that cut through and hit your tongue with sharp notes and there are those that will soothe your tongue. Most people tend to avoid experimenting with various kinds of tea because they don't understand the nature of the tea, which makes them mistake it as an under quality tea. Be sure to check out this website at https://www.britannica.com/topic/tea-beverage and learn more about tea.

Tea Taste

Tea taste is also an essential factor to help you determine your ideal kind of tea. This would be where the basic underlying character of the tea comes into consideration. You have to take note that slurping during your first sip will give you a different kind of experience for the taste.


Antioxidants are considered to be the best ingredient which is offered by tea. Antioxidants helps to prevent diseases like cancer or coronary heart disease. It assists for a healthier lifestyle that will give you a large dose of antioxidants. Always look out for antioxidant contents and choose the right tea which will suit your needs.

Tea consumption is an art that is best enjoyed when it is simplified. After becoming familiar on the attributes stated above, you will surely end up delighted on how perfect a cup of tea would feel.

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